Replacing the Expanded Food Voucher Program (EFV) is the Social Pension Scheme (SPS). The target individuals are those that do not have access to any superannuation or have no source of income to be assisted.

This scheme is targeted at elderly persons at the age of 65 years who have no source of income and are NOT recipients of the following schemes:

  • FNPF pension/lump sum beneficiaries
  • Ex-Serviceman of After Care Funds
  • Government Pension
  • Poverty Benefit Scheme (PBS)

 Requirements for accessing Social Pension Scheme

  • Birth Certificate or Certified copy to be attached with application form.
  • Forms to be endorsed by a known community leader/Civil Servant
  • Submitted at the nearest District or Divisional Welfare Office for processing.
  • 2 passport size photos.


  • Amount approved will be $100.
  • Payments will be done electronically

For further information please visit your nearest divisional /district social welfare offices or contact Director Social Welfare, Mr. Rupeni Fatiaki on telephone 3315585/3315754.