The Department of Women continue to assist women NGO partners in the allocation of resources, opportunities and services delivered to men and women in the pursuit of community development. This is governments strategy to strengthen public participation in the delivery of services as a way forward to reducing poverty  to a negligible level by 2015.

Through the NGO grant, government strengthens coordination, implementation and monitoring of poverty alleviation programmes including partnership agreement between government, the civil society and the private sector. Such services should complement the services provided by the Government and there should be a split  of co-operation and partnership.







Services provided should be efficient cost effective focused with clear aims and objectives:

  • Organizations should be registered and have a clearly identifiable as well as recognized management structure.
  • Organizations  should provide services to the most vulnerable people in the community.
  • The organizations should have the capacity  to provide the service with less on Government resources  that if Government operated on it.
  • In the absence of Government assistance the organizations could not provide the services or only to such a limited extent that the essential need would not be met.
  • The organization must submit audited accounts and on receipt of a grant they must provide acquittals which are in line wit the terms and conditions outlined in the contract of the grant.

Organizations should demonstrate approach to seeking of funding from a  variety of sources and dependency on Government is not appropriate.

Services should provide one or more of the following:

  • Expert knowledge and specialized services to the community e.g. Physical  and metal disability.
  • Advocacy services for specific client groups.
  • Projects and services which are focused on identified and demonstratable need e.g. children's homes, street children.
  • Time limited projects of a pioneering nature.
  • Projects which encourage and self generate community and nature support systems.