The underlying principle for all the assistance given to accessed recipients targets:


  • The care of Children.
  • The protection of Children.
  • Strengthening family well-being.
  • Assisting children and Youths at risk.
  • Poverty Alleviation.








 In 1968, the Social Welfare Department became a separate department, district offices were established in twelve centres.

 The Department then was focused on:

  • Strengthening services where traditional organizations were being weakend.
  • Encouraging and co-ordination of voluntary organizations.
  • More research to identify problem areas.

Today, the Department's services has evolved over the years to include:

  1. Care and Protection programes for Children as stipulated under the relevant legislations;
  2. Alleviate poverty through social protection programmes for the disadvantaged
  3. Administration of Poverty Alleviation Programmes;
  4. Services to Older Persons;and
  5. Services to Disabled Persons.

In recognition of developing more efficient service delivery platforms, the Department continues to strengthen and explore  new platforms to deliver its  services better of its clientele and ensure that workforce issues are also addressed progressively.

Statutory Obligations of the Department of Social Welfare

  • Adoption of Infants Act (Cap.58),1978
  • Community Work Act 1994
  • Probation Act ( Cap22), 1978
  • Juveniles Act (Cap 56) 1973
  • Fiji National Council for Disabled Persons Act, 1994
  • Domestic Violence Decree 2009
  • Family Law Act 2004